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Updated parts at August 3rd:
- all my workmates.

- Visit of the Hamptons.
- The last series of stuff pics.
- An updated diary
- Download the last pics that I made by myself with my own pictures.

Welcome to "From Troyes 2 Big Apple", the website of a Frenchy in New York City. If you don't see the bar menu just above the frame, it means that you have not download the following plug-in yet: Shockwave.
Anyway, you can browse the website thanks to the links at the bottom of the frame.

Resumé of the things I'd have liked to do but that I didn't have time:
- Helicopter in Manhattan's air.
- Visit of Florida or California.
- Basketball match in Madison Square Garden, and a football match in Giant Stadium.
- Play baseball with american in CP, or play basket in Harlem.
- Empire State building by night.
- American Natonial Museum of Natural History


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